How To Wash a Backless Lace Adhesive Bra

All Flyrt lace adhesive bras are hand-washable, which will keep your strapless bra feeling like new. Along with the bra support wash instructions included with your purchase, follow these handy do's and don’ts to ensure you get the most out of your Flyrt bra.

Bra Support Wash Instructions

Strapless Bra Do’s

  • Wash your lace adhesive bra gently
  • Use only mild detergent and water
  • Attach the protective film completely over the adhesive of your strapless bra

Strapless Bra Don’ts

  • Scrape the adhesive with your fingernails while washing your strapless bra
  • Use a paper towel or bath towel to dry the adhesive
  • Machine wash or dry
How to wash