Tips & Tricks

We know adhesive bras can be tricky to get the hang of, which is why we've put together a little cheat sheet for you so you can flyrt effortlessly all day every day. Learn how to apply your adhesive bra correctly and get the most out of your new bra!


  • For more cleavage (+1-2 cups), apply the cups farther away from each other before clipping the bra. For a more natural look (+0 cup size), apply the cups closer together before clipping. 
  • Got a deep V or plunging neckline? Unclip the bra and rotate it 45 degrees so that the clips are facing your belly button. For more cleavage, scoop your breasts inwards before applying the adhesive cup.


  • Tabs showing under your outfit? Rotate the bra 45 degrees so that the tabs are tilted towards your shoulders. This trick is perfect for sweetheart or scoop necklines!
  • For maximum cleavage, gather your breasts inwards before applying the circular cup. Then lift and stick to your chest.
  • This bra doubles as a nipple cover! Rotate the bra 90 degrees for natural coverage if you're not looking for that push-up effect. 
lifting adhesive bra