Frequently Asked Questions About Our Backless Lace Adhesive Bra

1. How many times can you wear the lace adhesive bra?

On average, you can wear our lace adhesive bras 15-20 times, but we know girls that have used them up to 30! For maximum longevity, make sure you follow our how to wash care instructions.

2. If I wash the lace sticky bra, will it become unsticky?


3. Does the lace sticky bra hurt to remove?

No. ūüíč

4. Are the adhesive bras safe to wear?

Yes. Our adhesive bras are formulated with medical grade silicone that is non-toxic and safe to wear. Our adhesive bras pass the California Prop 85 requirements.

5. Are the lace adhesive bras comfortable to wear?

Yes! Most of our customers say that they barely feel them, which is why they have become an everyday staple for some. When you apply your lace adhesive bra, make sure that you apply it directly on your breasts and not to the skin below for maximum comfort.

6. Will the lace show through my thin dress?

No. We have tested our lace adhesive bras under a variety of thin satin tops and we can honestly say they’re the best dress bras.

7. What if I buy the wrong size adhesive bra?

If you receive your adhesive bra and it is the wrong fit for you, please e-mail us at within 30 days, and we will issue you a coupon so you can re-order the correct size. See our full refund policy here.