Let's take date night to the next level.

Strapless bras that stay in place? Better than sex — but only if they do their job right. Find out what makes our lace adhesive bras your perfect partner in crime.


Get ready to be seen with Flyrt. 

The Reviews Are In


Wore this on a date with my husband. For all you ladies wondering, he did quite like the bra on me. ;)


My boyfriend complains about my other silicone sticky bras because they look weird on me, but he said this one looks very classy. Highly recommend!


The lace texture didn't show through my dress and if I bend over and it shows at all, at least it’s pretty.

The Best Adhesive Bra for Date Night

It’s finally date night! Time to wear that new outfit that still has the tags on. But what are you going to wear underneath it? It’s hard to feel sexy and beautiful if you’re not confident with your bra situation. And babe, if you’re wearing a strapless top or dress, there might be a total wardrobe malfunction in your future.  

At Flyrt, we’ve built our whole brand around helping women show off their fashion taste and figures. Our lace adhesive bra can not only be worn beneath the trendiest new tops you’ve seen on TikTok, but it’s also the most comfortable strapless bra EVER.

The last thing you want to be doing on your date is worrying about a nip slip. We thought through every detail when we created our sexy strapless bra so you can focus on one thing: having the time of your life on date night, your girls' night out, a prom or wedding, or any other occasion that calls for supporting the girls!

How to Style Your Lace Adhesive Bra for Your Date

When we say our pushup strapless bra is one of the most versatile, best sticky bras around, we aren’t kidding. Plan on rocking a cute top with a plunge neck? Or maybe a strappy dress? Enter the Flyrt backless lace bra: designed to be worn under all of your favorite looks! But our adhesive backless bra does more than provide support; it also shapes, lifts, and boosts in all the right places. You’re welcome. 

 Are you looking to add up to two cup sizes? Look no further than our signature pushup backless bra. Plus, it’s reusable thanks to the use of innovative, high-quality adhesive. With plenty of date nights ahead, we guarantee you’ll be reaching for your strapless sticky bra from Flyrt again and again.  

How to Rock Your Adhesive Backless Bra

When you wear a Flyrt adhesive strapless bra on date night, you can do so with the confidence that it will stay put. This isn’t just a promise we make; we’ve tried and tested our sticky bras to make sure they deliver. (We’re not exaggerating, we’ve tested them literally jumping out of a plane.)

We don’t just make the world’s best adhesive bra here at Flyrt; we’re also here to help you get the most out of it. Whether you’re wondering how to wash the adhesive bra or looking for tips on how to wear the adhesive bra, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one.

And while our strapless lingerie may be designed to stay hidden while you’re on your date, it looks nothing like other blah and boring pieces. Lace styling, various color options, and an OH-so-flattering cut mean our adhesive backless bras are as cute as they are comfy. Show it off!  

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