About Flyrt

At Flyrt, we believe that all lingerie should be treasured - especially the ones that give you confidence. Having experienced many problematic strapless sticky bras in our lives - painful peeling, droopy boobs, and just general ugliness - we said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The world is filled with so much beautiful lingerie, and it's time that strapless sticky bras get to join the club. Our lace adhesive bras are the little miracle for any girl that's ever done the walk of shame and knows that awkward moment of revealing her chicken cutlet sticky... Ladies, we heard you. Here's to making sure that never happens again.

Not only are our strapless lace bras super cute, but they're also designed to last all day and night (even those 2AM ones). We've even tested them in life threatening situations! No really - our Co-Founder "test flew" one of our strapless sticky bras by jumping 18,000 feet out of a plane. And guess what? Our lace adhesive bra passed with flying colors!

We are so excited for you to be in on our secret. Get ready to be seen with Flyrt.

XOXOūüíč ,
The team at Flyrt