Why Traditional Women’s Bras are Weighing You Down

Why Traditional Women’s Bras are Weighing You Down

Ladies, we need to talk. It’s time to break up with your current bra. We know, we know- it’s been with you through thick and thin (literally), faded with use, worn so many times you could identify it in a lineup. But hear us out: it’s weighing you down. Literally. Poor fitting and constricting bras can cause a whole lot of problems.

Ever heard the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? This often leads to constriction in the band and strap area, the two areas that are carrying most of the support in a traditional bra. That means 4 out of your 5 girlfriends will be texting you up to complain one day. Luckily, bra support is our specialty 💋.

5 Side Effects of Traditional Women’s Bras

  1. Shoulder and Neck pain: Studies have shown that wearing tight fitting straps can lead to some gnarly shoulder and neck pain. In this 12 month study, 44% of women wearing traditional bras reported that they had shoulder or neck pain, and 59% of those women cited their bra straps as the cause of it. 
  2. Itching and Chafing: How many of us have been left with those dreaded red stretch marks after a whole day wearing our dreaded bra? Not only is it super awkward to be itching your back all day in public, but all that friction can lead to dry and flaky skin. Ick.
  3. Poor Posture: An improperly fitted bra can worsen muscle tension, stiffness, and even affect the flow of air through the rib cage. Given our millennial lifestyle staring at tiny screens and laptops all day, we definitely don’t want our bra contributing to our poor posture. 
  4. Painful underwire: Aside from the fact that underwire bras can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable, they can also cause skin irritation. For nursing moms, underwire can be exceptionally hazardous, as it can block the flow of milk. 
  5. Permanent Shoulder Grooves: Shoulder straps are one of the main supporting factors of any traditional bra. Unfortunately, over the course of many years, the pressure can cause a permanent indentation in our shoulders. 

To put it lightly, this relationship isn’t doing you any favors. Or to put it slightly less lightly, your current bra sucks. You deserve better. 

Cue the Sexy Adhesive Bra by Flyrt 

Besides being easy on the eyes, our backless lace adhesive bra is reusable, adjustable, sweat-proof, and long-lasting, so you can set it and forget it. Our sexy adhesive bra is designed to support you and your girls, with a front hook that holds a firm shape without weighing you down, eliminating the constraints and adverse side effects of traditional bras. It’s time to move on from an ex (bra) and get out of boob jail. 

Plus, get free shipping on all orders with Flyrt. Who says true love isn’t real?


Flyrt’s Lace Adhesive Bra Review

Still need more convincing? Take it from our customer Emily, who writes:

“I love my flyrt bra. I’ve been a years-long user of duct tape, pasties and every other strapless bra concept out there and I’m so glad there’s finally an option that looks beautiful on its own and not so much like a chicken cutlet or weird bosom contraption.” 

Don’t look like a chicken cutlet. Break up with your current bra and start Flyrting. Your body will thank you. 

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