Top 3 Reasons You Need a Strapless Bra As The Weather Heats Up

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Strapless Bra As The Weather Heats Up

Spring is finally in the air, which means cute sundresses and backless tops to let in that warm flowing breeze to thaw us out from the long winter. We get so excited to bust out our spring and summer wardrobe as soon as that air turns warm. We love all the florals and bright colors, not to mention the plunging necklines and beautiful backless pieces we’ve been dying to wear all winter.  

Flyrt is the perfect companion to these pieces in your wardrobe. Flyrt brand strapless and lace adhesive bras are long-lasting, washable, supportive, comfortable, have no wire, and you can customize your own amount of cleavage.  

Yes, you read that correctly. Customizable Cleavage ladies! What other cleavage bra brands can say that?! FLYRT can say that.  Below we will tell you how to achieve this, along with the top 3 reasons you need a strapless bra as the weather heats up.  

Woman with Nude Flyrt Lace Adhesive bra

1.) Every Woman Needs a Strapless Bra That Stays up and Is Sweat-Proof

When we say this lace adhesive bra stays up and is sweat-proof, we really mean it. Our co-founder personally put on a Flyrt strapless adhesive bra and tested this by flying up to 18,000 feet and JUMPING out of an airplane. (You can check out a photo of our co-founder HERE  midjump!) Now as you can imagine, one does not just casually jump out of a plane. Here's Lauren's take:

"Skydiving has always been on my bucket list, and I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to test out our lace adhesive bra. I mean - I was sweating the WHOLE day, including a two hour period of nervously waiting in an airplane hangar. Not once did I have to stop and readjust my lace adhesive bra, which I couldn't be more grateful for. When you're free-falling 18,000 feet over the California coast, that's the last thing you want to be thinking about!"

While jumping out of a plane is far from an everyday situation, Flyrt strapless bras work just as fabulous in day-to-day activities. Flyrt strapless bras even stay sweat-proof during those hot summer days out on the boat, hanging at the beach, having a picnic in the park with your sweetie, or attending a friend’s wedding. (Hint: the secret to that sweat-proof lace adhesive bra is the tiny breathable holes that increase ventilation and prevent it from slipping.)

Newsflash: They also stay up all night long while you’re dancing with your girls at the club during your girls night out. No more funny dance moves to shimmy your boring bra back up to where it’s supposed to be. No more sprinting to the bathroom to readjust. The Flyrt strapless bra adhesive will stick to you all night long, honey! If you feel like your bra is getting too sweaty after all these nights of dancing away at the club, they’re also washable and will be just as sticky once dry. We have provided some washing DO’s and DON’Ts HERE.  

Here is some advice from my customer, Laura, who lives in Miami: “I live in hot and humid Miami, so you can imagine that most sticky bras eventually fall off.  This one stayed put all day in 85-degree weather! 5/5!”

Anna seems to love this for summer too: “this is one of the most essential pieces of my summer wardrobe now.  After wearing it once, I was sold.  100% highly recommend with zero reservations.” 

Woman wearing black lace adhesive bra

2.) FLYRT Strapless Bras Are Supportive for Both Big and Small Chest Sizes. (Sizes A-DDD)

Flyrt sticky bras are perfect for all those off-the-shoulder tops, strapless tops, and dresses hanging in your closet. Especially the crop top with a criss-cross of fabric around the tummy (like this one from Shein) these are the trending tops as the weather heats up. The Flyrt strapless bras in both our lace adhesive and lifting adhesive styles will both fit perfectly under these types of styles. Your Flyrt strapless bra will not show unless you want it to. We have designed them to be pretty underneath clothing, as well as lovely enough to show off if you chose to.  

This is where the fun part comes in: customizing your own amount of cleavage.  For more cleavage, start by applying the cups further away from each other before clipping the bra. You could also scoop your breasts inwards before applying the adhesive cup. For a more natural look, apply the cups closer together before clipping.  We also have more tips and tricks on how to hide the clips for deep plunging necklines HERE.  

Serena had something to say about this: “I finally have cleavage! As someone with wide set boobs that are very small I’ve never had cleavage. Finally I can wear backless tops AND my boobs look great!”  

3.) Two Words. Wedding Season. Flyrt Strapless Adhesive Bras Are Perfect for Those Gorgeous Backless Wedding Dresses

Nude lace adhesive bra and bridal gown

Along with the spring and summer time comes… you guessed it - weddings! For all our brides dreaming of that striking gown with the low back, Flyrt backless bras will help you feel confident on your special day. Don’t ruin that perfect gown with duct tape (hint: it doesn’t look that great anyway, and hurts coming off the skin).  

Your best choice is the Flyrt strapless bra, which will compliment your wedding gown, and sit under the fabric seamlessly. The lace detailing on the lace adhesive bra is so elegant and would look fabulous under a lace gown if it happened to have some see-through details. The lifting adhesive bra version does just that and adds an extra lift to your girls. We recommend this style if you had a plunging neckline in both the front and back of your wedding gown. You can compare the two styles and decide which is better for your wedding dress HERE.

Wedding dress season for the bride also means wedding season attire for the rest of us ladies. It can be difficult to find the perfect dress for a formal wedding that’s held outside.  Helping you find that dress may not be our specialty, but providing the perfect strapless adhesive bra to wear with it is!  

Woman wearing black lace adhesive bra

Why You Need a Flyrt Strapless Bra as the Weather Heats Up 

The moment the weather heats up, you should remember that Flyrt strapless bras are sweat-proof, supportive for all sizes, they remain sticky all day long (even in Miami heat!) and most of all, they are comfortable. They remain comfortable throughout the day, and all night long too. Head out with your friends to brunch for the day and transition to the nightclub all while wearing the same comfortable and stylish Flyrt lace adhesive bra.  Put down the duct tape, throw away that old pinchy strapless bra that goes around your entire body (ew, so last year) and shop for your new Flyrt style strapless adhesive bra.   


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