How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky (Again)

How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky (Again)

Ladies, has this ever happened to you? You bought a backless sticky bra - one of those chicken cutlet bras that you’ve seen advertised as reusable and washable - only to have them sliding off mid-dinner? Let us just say - there’s nothing cute about your sticky bra ending up on your belly button. By the end of the night, your brand new sticky bra is in the trash and you’ve sworn off backless sticky bras forever - just like late night burritos and blind dates (okay, maybe not the late night burritos). 

Sticky bras have been gaining popularity for how versatile they are under strapless and backless outfits. They can be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and our greatest secret weapon. However, if you’ve experienced any of these annoying moments with your current sticky bra, you’ll know that not all sticky bras are created equal. Many sticky bras out on the market are low quality, made from cheap materials, and aren’t formulated with longevity in mind. If you’re stuck with one of these sticky bras that’s lost all its stickiness, you may find yourself trying to figure out how to make your sticky bra sticky again. The reality is - it’s difficult to restore the adhesive, much like trying to restore stickiness in a sticker. However, here are a couple of tips to try if your bra isn’t sticking properly: 

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Wash Your Sticky Bra

The first thing you’ll want to do when you notice your sticky bra isn’t sticking the way it used to is to gently wash your sticky bra. This will get rid of the dirt and oils that may have built up on the surface of your sticky bra and are preventing your bra from sticking. If you’re using a Flyrt sticky bra, the wash instructions will come with each purchase so you know exactly how to care for your bra. Using a little bit of liquid fabric detergent and some warm water, create a warm soapy rinse for your adhesive bra. Do NOT use hand soap or bar soap, as these kinds of soaps sometimes contain ingredients that will strip your bra of stickiness even further. Gently wash the adhesive by hand and make sure not to scratch or rip the adhesive with your nails.


Let Your Sticky Bra Air Dry

After washing your lace adhesive bra, hang it up or lay it flat to air dry. Don’t use paper towels or bath towels to dry your adhesive bra or else your bra will start to pick up dust and microfibers. After letting your bra thoroughly dry for a few hours, go ahead and try on your adhesive bra to test the adhesive. 

What To Do If Your Sticky Bra Still Isn’t Sticky

If your bra still hasn’t been restored to its original stickiness after washing and drying, it may be time to buy a replacement. All sticky bras will lose their adhesion over time, and after a handful of uses, sometimes it’s just better to purchase a new one. 

We know what you’re thinking - Ugh! What a waste of money! We feel you… buying replacements constantly can be costly. So when looking for a new lace adhesive bra, it’s important to consider longevity into your purchase. 


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 Finding The Right Long-Lasting Adhesive Bra

What’s the secret to finding a long-lasting adhesive bra? While you may be inclined to think that all sticky bras are the same, there are a few factors to keep in mind that differentiate some brands from others. 

Find A Lace Adhesive Bra Made With Long-Lasting Adhesive

The main component of a long-lasting sticky bra is whether or not it uses strong adhesive. With strong adhesive, you should be able to clean, dry, and wear your sticky bra multiple times. If you’re having issues with your current sticky bra, it’s time to pivot to one that will actually last you all day and night. Flyrt adhesive bras are all formulated with strong hold adhesive that can be worn up to 30 times if cared for properly. Even after washing your sticky bra, Flyrt adhesive bras will be just as sticky as when you first tried them on. 

Find a Sweat-Proof Lace Adhesive Bra

What else is a factor in finding the best sticky adhesive bra? A sweat-proof adhesive bra that has the ability to wick away moisture. One of the main reasons a sticky bra keeps falling off is the amount of moisture it collects over the course of the day. For those of us living in hot and humid areas, this can be absolutely impossible to avoid! Luckily, the solution isn’t to ditch sticky bras all together. You just have to look for a bra that is sweat-proof. Flyrt adhesive bras are all designed with tiny, breathable holes that increase ventilation and prevent your adhesive bra from sweating right off. This leads to a more comfortable experience where you barely even notice you’re wearing a sticky bra at all.  

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Don’t just take it from us. Our customer Lauren says:

“I live in hot and humid Miami, so you can imagine that most sticky bras eventually fall off. This one stayed put all day in 85 degree weather! 5/5!”

If you’ve read our bra support blog before, you’ll know that all of our products were created with two things in mind: customer comfort and product longevity. All Flyrt bras are made with high adhesion for the stickiest and most long-lasting bras that can be removed painlessly. Plus, all of our products are tested by real women to make sure that our bras work just as well for a variety of body types and cup sizes. With Flyrt on your side, you won’t need to settle for less. 

It’s time for a real wing-woman.




  • Mary Evans

    What is Skinister and will can I buy some?

  • Diana

    I discovered that I can wear my worn-out sticky bras with Skinister adhesive! My friend uses the stuff to attach her mastectomy breast forms, and it works wonders with sticky bras too.

    In fact, a fresh coat of adhesive makes them stick better-than-new!

  • Ronda Cooley

    Please send me where the buy the adhesive bras and price. I live in Roseville Ca . Would like a store close by not all online ordering. Thank you

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