How To Dance Your Ass Off AND Keep Your Lace Sticky Bra On 💋

How To Dance Your Ass Off AND Keep Your Lace Sticky Bra On 💋

You’ve been cooped up (pandemic over?) and your girls are FINALLY ready for a night out.  You’ve got your backless dress, you’re ready to let loose, you need to dance, and yes, you’re going to sweat.  Let’s be honest girls, your sexy adhesive bra better not fall off!  Here are a few tips to keep the vibes high, your bra on, and your boobs covered.

  • Your boobs need to be dry.
  • Lace sticky bras are, well, sticky.  And moisture is the enemy of sticky.  Before you Flyrt, we recommend that you try to get rid of as much moisture as you can from your chest.  If that means showering before your night out, or holding off on the moisturizer on the day of, we think that’s a good start!  We’ve also found more success if we shower or rinse and dry off before putting on our lace sticky bras.

    Wearing antiperspirant is also helpful!  There is no dancing without sweating, but the wings of your lace sticky bra can get swamped in your sweat, so don’t forget to apply your deodorant before you go out.  

  • Don’t wear your lace sticky bra too low.
  • Lace sticky bra placement is key (check our sizing chart!).  These are not your regular bras.   Your lace sticky bra should only be covering your breast, and the bottom of the bra should not be in contact with your ribs.  Place your sticky bra on each boob with the clips facing down and towards each other.  Then clip.  The reason is simple; when you dance and contort your body, you want to make sure that the bra is moving with your boobs and not hitting against your ribs.

  • Dry your sexy adhesive bra after washing
  • You’ll eventually have to hand wash your sticky bra, but remember to air dry it before wearing it!  Moisture = bad (see a pattern), so we recommend that you make sure your lace sticky bra is completely dry before you go out!  If you’re in a rush, you can even blow dry your lace adhesive bra on a cool or low heat setting. 

  • Store your lace sticky bras correctly you slob!
  • Flyrt lace sticky bras are designed to last many wears.  However, the lace adhesive material attracts dust and hair much like a lint roller, so store your lace sticky bras with the original film and the accompanying bag!  You’ll also want to store your sticky bra in a cool dry place.  Leaving it in the sun or in a humid area will degrade the adhesive over time.  If you care for it properly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how much this helps with nip slip prevention.

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