How Do Backless Bras Work?

How Do Backless Bras Work?

Whether you’re a first time sticky bra wearer or just trying out a new style, we get it - sticky bras can be confusing. Are you wondering if you should hop on that backless bra bandwagon but are skeptical if they actually work (or last)? We’re here to unveil the mystery that is sticky bras!

Now you might be wondering - what’s the difference between a backless bra and simply going braless? While going braless is pretty liberating and one of life’s simple luxuries for any woman, you’re left with zero support under your outfit. Worse yet, there’s always that lurking feeling of the dreaded nip slip! With a reusable backless bra, you can get the coverage and bra support you need over and over again - accidental flashing not included.  

Who can wear a backless adhesive bra?

backless top

One of the big questions that may be on your mind is: Are backless bras right for me? Below is our overall take on who’s most suited to wear backless adhesive bras: 

Cup Size: Cup size is certainly a factor as to who can wear adhesive bras. Backless adhesive bras are best for women with cup sizes ranging from AA-DDD. If you’re an A cup and need a boost, adhesive bras will do wonders to give you a full cleavage effect without the use of straps. To our DDD ladies, you can just as easily rock a Flyrt backless adhesive bra that will keep you supported through whatever comes your way. 

Body Type: Any and all! Flyrt backless sticky bras work wonders for all different body types, including uneven or asymmetrical breasts

How do I choose the right adhesive bra for my breasts?

Choosing the right adhesive bra for your breasts will depend on what your overall goal is. Are you looking to maximize your cleavage? Are you looking to perk the girls up a bit? Follow our cheat sheet on which adhesive bra is right for you. 

before and after lace adhesive bra add two cup sizes for cleavage

Need cleavage? Meet After Party, our gorgeous lace adhesive bra. This original lace adhesive bra is a classic Flyrt staple that gives cleavage - whether you’re part of the IBTC or one of our curvier babes.


before and after she's perky lifting adhesive bra

Looking for lift? Meet She’s Perky, our newest addition to the Flyrt family and the best full support strapless bra. This lifting adhesive bra will give you so much lift that it’s practically a boob job in a bottle! The best part is that it’s washable, reusable, and easy to adjust if you’re looking for more or less lift. 


nude lace adhesive bra

Trying to be discreet? After Party will work best because the shape is easy to hide underneath a variety of outfits. By unclipping the bra or positioning the clip lower at the base of your breasts, this backless bra will be your hidden secret weapon for any deep v or plunging neckline. 


lifting adhesive bra wine lace adhesive bra

Looking for comfort? After Party and She’s Perky are both designed for the ultimate comfort. With no straps, bands, or wire, these stick on strapless backless bras are a girl’s best friend. 

How To Put On A Sticky Bra


If you’ve never worn a sticky bra before, it may take a bit of getting used to. But with these tips in mind, you’ll be an expert in no time and you’ll be able to set it and forget it!


1. Remove the plastic film and do not throw it away.

When your new Flyrt bra arrives in the mail, your first instinct might be to rip it out of the packaging, toss on a cute outfit, and throw the packaging away. Mimosas are waiting and you can’t be bothered! But before you do, make sure that you do NOT throw away the plastic film that comes with your bra. The plastic film on your lace adhesive bra is what seals the adhesive part of your bra and prevents it from picking up all the fuzz and lint in your drawer. Once you’re done wearing your bra, you’ll want to return the plastic film back to the adhesive just how you originally found it and store it in a cool, dry place.


2. Applying your backless bra one cup at a time. 

Ladies, we all have a different method of applying our sticky bras, because let’s face it - boobs are different. At Flyrt, our preferred way to apply sticky bras is one cup at a time. We believe that you get the most control with the placement of your bra. Plus, this leaves you with one hand free to do the “scoop.”

If you’re looking to get a lot of cleavage, lean forward and scoop your breast upwards before applying the adhesive cup. This “scooping” effect will ensure you get the most cleavage when wearing your adhesive bra. You can position the cups farther away from each other to enhance your cleavage. If you’re going for a more natural look, apply the cups closer together on your body and simply stick the adhesive cups on your breasts. 


3. Clip the sticky bra together

Once you have both cups on, go ahead and clip the sticky bra together. Try on your outfit and check the placement of the clip. If you have a deep V top, you’ll want to angle the clip so it’s facing downwards towards your belly button. That’ll keep your Flyrt bra perfectly hidden, so that no one’s in on your little secret!  

The Best Backless Bras by Flyrt

Ta-da! In just three easy steps, your adhesive backless bra is on and ready to take on anything. Worried you might forget these steps? Every Flyrt bra comes with instructions and a QR code linking to our 20 second instruction video so you can get your brunch on ASAP!





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