Big Boobs Aren’t Everything: IBTC Speaks Out On Lace Sticky Bras

Big Boobs Aren’t Everything: IBTC Speaks Out On Lace Sticky Bras

It can be hard growing up as flat-chested. At Flyrt, we know the feeling. While all your high school friends were growing into their B and C cups, you haven’t grown in the chest department since 7th grade. Despite those awkward bra stuffing years, you made it out alive. Fortunately, you’re not alone. If there’s one thing we’ve realized over time, it’s that being in the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) is an honor and a privilege. Think about all the amazing things you can do with your lack of boobs! Buy clothes from the youth section, jog without worry (what’s a sports bra?), and meet men who look you in the eye. 

Sometimes it can feel like we live in a world of boob jobs and silicone, and it can be hard to find a place for our slim-line figures in all of that. But repeat after me: BIG BOOBS AREN’T EVERYTHING. It’s time to embrace what our mama gave us and proudly wave that IBTC flag. Confidence is sexy, and that’s the true key to an everlasting beauty. 

Another perk of being smaller chested is that lace adhesive bras are your little miracle. 

Why Lace Sticky Bras are an IBTC Favorite

Here’s a few of our favorite reasons to wear a lace adhesive bra: 

  1. Lace sticky bras don’t gape. You’ll never have to worry about flashing your neighbor when you lean over.
  2. Push it up! If you’re looking for a lift, a sticky bra can oftentimes achieve a more dramatic push-up effect than the average traditional bra. In Flyrt's case, our lace adhesive bra is the best bra  for cleavage.
  3. No need to defy gravity! While other women need the support of straps and bands, you can enjoy the true freedom of a strapless, adhesive backless bra solution that’s light as a feather. 

Read some reviews from some of our A-cup customers on what wearing a lace sticky bra has done for them:

"This is definitely my favorite backless sticky bra I've owned. All other sticky bras have felt too heavy and bulky for my A-cup, but this one is light and fits perfectly. I love wearing it under summer tops and backless dresses, sticks well for hours. Did I mention the beautiful lace? I'm so happy I discovered it and definitely recommend to others!"



"Being built very small, bras never fit me well, the only ones I have found that fit are a teen 32c. That being said, I did not expect the cup to fit. It was also my first "sticky" bra. I got a size XXS and the cup fit perfectly! The adhesive works great, stays on and comes off easily when you need it to."


At Flyrt we believe in lingerie that empowers the women who wear it. Shop our lace adhesive bras for  lingerie that survives through a 18,000 foot skydiving expedition (and no, we’re not kidding).


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    I need a strapless sticky bra for a backless formal dress.How can I be sure I get the right size?

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