The Five Best Bras for Uneven Breast Shapes

The Five Best Bras for Uneven Breast Shapes

No breasts are exactly the same (and we’re not just talking from person to person). Whether they’re different in shape, size, or placement, remember that your boobs should be sisters not twins! 

Why Are My Boobs Uneven?

Many women start to notice an uneven shape starting as early as puberty when their breasts start to grow, but this asymmetry can show up during other times when hormones are changing, such as during pregnancy, periods, menopause, or due to birth control. Even weight changes can affect one side more than the other! But for many of us, uneven breasts and nipples are just a fact of life. Luckily, it’s completely normal and no cause for alarm. If anything, uneven breasts may only be a slight annoyance in our day to day lives. 

How To Find The Perfect Bra For Uneven Breasts

Whether your right boob is bigger than your left or they’re slightly different shapes, finding the perfect bra can be tricky. If you size up, you’re left with awkward gapes. If you size down, you’re crushing your best friend and gaining a rash or two - umm no thanks. But with a couple superstars to the rescue, including padding inserts and adhesive bra customizable cleavage, you’ll be feeling ready to take on the day no matter what your mama gave you. 

The 5 Best Bras For Uneven Breasts:

uneven breasts pocket insert bra

1. Bra with removable padding inserts

Finding a bra with padding inserts can be the perfect solution for you. This will allow you to customize the padding on one side, by removing one side or doubling up on padding where you need it. These bras are very common and easy to find online. If you need a little extra lift, pair them with some removable padding inserts. 


mastectomy bra pocket pad inserts

2. Mastectomy Bra

Now we know a mastectomy bra may not sound sexy, especially if your breasts were uneven from birth and surgery-free, but these bras are designed with women with uneven breasts in mind and can work miracles for you. All of these mastectomy bras have pockets for inserts that give you the appearance of symmetrical breasts. 


backless lace adhesive bra pink uneven breasts

3. Backless Lace Adhesive Bra

Our lace adhesive bra offers customizable cleavage, meaning that you can fit it to give you more cleavage (+1-2 cup sizes) or a more natural look (+0 cup size). Our bra support tip for uneven breasts? Stick one cup to the fuller breast. Then, do the “scoop” with the smaller breast and lift it inwards and upwards before applying the adhesive cup. This positioning will help enhance only one side. Clip the lace adhesive bra together for a symmetrical look! This trick works wonders for breasts that are uneven sizes and uneven shapes. 

Want to learn more about sticky bras? Watch this video on how to wear a lace adhesive bra


wireless racerback bralette uneven breasts

4. Wireless Racerback Bralette

This one’s good for our smaller chested gals in the IBTC. A stretchy material like the one in this wireless bralette is perfect to avoid any gaps that you’d normally get with a traditional underwire bra. Not to mention they’re super comfy! 


lace balconette bra uneven breasts pocket bra inserts

5. Lace Balconette Bra

Born bustier? Try the balconette bra for a little extra support and underwire, while still working well for uneven breasts with memory foam cups. 

Unfortunately ladies, there is no quick fix or easy solution because ultimately there is nothing to fix. You’re perfect as you are. Finding the perfect bra is going to be subjective from one lady to the next, but identifying your needs is a great place to start. 

Why Choose Flyrt’s Lace Adhesive Bra?

At Flyrt, we’ve tested our lace adhesive bra by jumping out of a plane… and no, we’re not kidding. Creating the most comfortable, supportive, and customizable sexy adhesive bra requires out of the box thinking. We know our lace adhesive bra will not only support you in any endeavor, but will have you feeling sexy and confident as ever. 💋


  • Patty Shadden

    Help. I have worn undersires for years. I started wearing sports bras but for a speviaal blouse I put on zn undersire only to duscover my right breast is now smaller. Ob. Gyn said it was just old age ansmd loss of hormones but how can I figure out trying to find bra side filler. Howw big, how can I tell. Help
    I could cry k I owing one sizw is 36 DDD. Other is ? Smaller. How much.? Help.

  • Linda Rozier

    I need a good bra to hold my boobs up I had a lumpectomy an one is much bigger then The other

  • Tahir

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  • Christine

    By the way, I looked at the link provided in June and the padding isn’t removable so it doesn’t help even out breast, for me. I need differed for each side. FYI Maybe it is helpful for you but if not let me know if you want me to share whatever I find. :)

  • Christine

    Grace, I’m with you. I had double mastectomy, chemo, reconstruction and radiation one right breast. Four yrs later I’m happy to be beating cancer but struggling with the radiated breast being too firm and higher than the non-radiated breast. I hate the way I look in tshirts and most shirts. I have tried putting pads in the one radiated side with a cup that has a more padded bottom and nothing on the other side (because it’s lower) which looks better but still not to a point where I’m completely comfortable. I don’t see links provided here but I’m doing a lot of research and may even try custom or design one myself. Message me if you would like me to share anything I find out. I can be reached thru Instagram @flowerchicaz. I’m 51 and still care about how I present my self daily which includes trying to look my best. There just isn’t much out there. Or at least, I haven’t found anything.

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